Bee Therapy Lodge

Visit our new small Establishment – the Bee Therapy Lodge.

A real unique experience
A gentle touch of nature

Close to the Centre you find our Apiary “Bee Wise”. Here the Bee race of the region – Apis mellifera scutellata is happily thriving.
Here you can also enter into a small house which offers a home for some Bee colonies, but also the opportunity for visitors to make the experience with Apitherapy.

We know that Bees are amazing creatures and that the honey they produce is a precious and healthy nourishment.
But have you ever heard that resting or sleeping close to an active Bee Hive can be a soothing and relaxing way of healing oneself with natures help?

There are a few factors combined which helps the human body:
– It`s the micro vibration created inside the Hive
– It`s breathing clean ionized air coming form the Hive
– It`s the aroma therapy created by the extracts of multiple plants, mostly medicinal, that the Bees
collect while foraging for nectar and pollen
– It`s the Bees buzzing sound which creates a state of relaxation and triggers the self healing
frequencies of the body.

Bee Therapy can help with:
– Respiratory disorders like: Asthma, Allergies a. o.
– Chronic headache
– High blood pressure
– Joint pain
– Insomnia
– Stress and depression

In properly constructed Bee Therapy Houses the natural behaviour of the Bees is not disturbed and people are protected from being stung.
Contraindications: Individual intolerance to Bees and Bee products.