Bee Therapy Lodge

Visit our small new Establishment – the Bee Therapy Lodge

An unique experience
A gentle touch by nature

Close to the Centre you find our Apiary “Beewise”.
Here our Bee race “Apis mellifera scutellata” is happily thriving.
Products from the Hive – raw, unpasteurised Honey and Propolis are available in season.

We know, that Bees are marvelous creatures and that the honey they produce is a delicious and healthy nourishment.
But did you know, that even resting or sleeping close to an active Bee Hive can be an alternative therapy?

Therapists say more factors combine in offering a state of self healing of the body.

1. The microvibration created by Bees fanning their wings above the
2. Breathing clean, ionized air created in the Hive
3. The aromatherapy offered by the multitude of plants, mostly
4. The Bee humming, which induces a mild state of meditative trance
triggers our own self healing frequency.

Health benefits start from nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal system. Also the quality of sleep improves a lot.
So this kind of a natural therapy can help with asthma and allergies, with cronic headache, with pain in joints and also with stress and depression.

Sleeping with Bees is recommanded to people of all age.
The resting period on the bench takes at least one hour. A course consists of ten sessions for a positive effect on the whole body.
Price for a session of one hour: R 20,00.

Very important!
Correctly manufactured Bee therapy establishments do not disturb the
habitual way of life of bees and protect people from insect bites.